Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Monday, July 22, 2002

Change your dream !
Change the world !

"Read Dr. Menlo! Support Dr. Menlo! Long Live Dr. Menlo!"

Ever wanted to be someone else ? Wished to start your life over again ?

Now you can playing Alter Ego, a free online game !

What would you change ?

Rebirth - it's your turn !
Well kids, the newest hype are psychedelicrepublicans trading-cards and desktop wallpapers.

Very tasty and no need to inhale !

I have received many questions about posting my Unity of Multi links in a more ordered manner, as people tend to find my site a bit confusing...

Well your wish is my command !

From now on I will post (most) of the links seen at Unity of Multi at this very cool blogger - board !

Hope you like it !
Enjoy !