Monday, July 26, 2004

play love-chess

Or watch the gods doing it !
The Science of Getting Rich - Guide to Getting Rich to Change Your Life

This book was written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles, one year before his death. It is now in the public domain.

The Science of Getting Rich provides an unusual method for gaining wealth: It preaches against competitive economic practices, instead concerning itself with the betterment of the world.

Insect Origami

Bug me not IV


Bug me not III

A New Spin on Old LPs

Three Ways to Recycle Your Old Vinyl

The Shape of Song

Load the MIDI file of any song into this app, and it'll scan for repeating passages. Then it draws a arch connecting each repetition together.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Some great music and stuff for you !

enjoy the weekend

john cage meets sun ra Pt. 1 + Pt. 2

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Noam Chomsky: audio/video archive [real]

Charles Bukowski: assorted poems [mp3,wma,real]

Andy Warhol: various recordings [mp3]

Muse: 2004, Glastonbury [mp3]

The Strokes: "A Salty Salute (live Guided By Voices cover)" [mp3]

Kings of Convenience: live show [mp3]

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Brand Nubian - All For One

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Mistadobalina

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?

Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus

Brian Eno - By This River

Why? - Darla

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Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out (Daft Punk Mix)

Nas vs The Knife - "You Take My Nas Away (Barbaro edit)

Arvo Pärt - "Psalom" performed by the Quatuor Franz Joseph

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Sleepy Brown - "Never Give Up"

International Pony - "La Moda (we love ennio mix)"

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Cylob - I Believe in Braindance (The Braindance Anthem)

Cylob - Eldritch

Cylob - Grandular Psychosis

Cylob - Set Off Gamelan

Cylob - Cutting Remarks

Cylob - Rewind (live at Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan 1998)

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Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Magoo - "Here We Come"

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15 variations of Kraftwerks "The Model"

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at copy,right

i'm really hot (ratatat remix) mp3

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- Village of Savoonga - Deep
- Alles wie gross - Gasstätte
- Alias + MarKus Archer - Unseen Sights
- Hometrainer - FLOOR EXERCISES
- Hometrainer - TRAINED TO BE A DANCER

- The Notwist - One with the freaks
- Couch - Doch Endlich
- Couch - Slogan

- Couch - Alles auf Pause
- Couch - Irgendwann

- Lali Puna - 603
- Lali Puna - Everywhere And Allover
- Lali Puna - Together In Electric Dreams

- Lali Puna - Nin Com Pop
- Console - Freiburg 3.0
- Console - 14 Zero Zero
- Acid Pauli live @ Pathos Transport Theater (30.04.04)

- The Notwist - Pilot
- The Notwist - Pick up the Phone
- Hometrainer- Diashow
- Lali Puna - Micronomic
- Tied+Tickled Trio - revolution
- Ms John Soda - Marylin
- Ms John Soda - Number 1
- Console - Suck and Run
- Console - Marina
- Console - Freiburg 3.0
- Console - Pigeon Party
- Console - Phonebook
- Console - My Dog Eats Beats
- Console - 14ZeroZero

Tortoise live download (in SHN format)
30th German Festival Frankfurt, Germany (10-23-99)

Múm mp3 downloads
- Múm live at BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical
- Múm @ BBC Radio1 "The Blue Room DJ Session"

- Múm - Faraway Swimmingpool
- Múm - Nightly Cares

MP3: Kraftwerk live in Berlin 2004 (zipped 120mb)

Real Audio: Kraftwerk interview from 1981

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Betty Boo & the Beatmasters, "Hey DJ / I Can't Dance (To the Music You're Playing)"

Betty Boo, "Doin' the Do" (7-Inch Radio Mix)

Monie Love, "Monie in the Middle"

Adeva & Monie Love, "Ring My Bell"

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Final Digit of Pi Found

Expect the unexpected:

A team of Japanese researchers at a leading national university have upended the entire scientific world when it unexpectedly calculated the value of pi to 1.3511 trillion places, which is apparently the final digit in this number previously thought to be infinite.
Pirate my film, no problem

Michael Moore has welcomed the appearance on the internet of pirated copies of his anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 and claimed he is happy for anybody to download it free of charge.

You can download the movie here
Turn any website into an RSS feed for $2

Bootleg RSS, a service for scraping websites and turning them into RSS, is taking requests. If there's a site you'd like RSS-ified, ping Carlo and he'll make it into a feed for $2.

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Fun with Google Searches

It describes how to find open directories on the Web that contain all kinds of stuff -- like movies, MP3, and games.

Picasso's FBI Files

188 pages of information from the FBI about Pablo Picasso's activities in relation to various subversive groups.

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free web hosting and free webspace
Free Webspace' is the LARGEST directory on the Internet of free web hosting providers, with about 1,000 free web hosts and growing, and is updated daily.

Also includes a list of free image hosting services, with ability to leave reviews and ratings.

Egon Schiele Museum

Otto Dix (1891-1969)

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Monday, July 05, 2004

200.000 Visitors since 9/10/2001

Thanks for stopping by and may all of you come back often to enjoy your future stay.

Gmail Tools

Pop Goes the Gmail

A program that sits between the web server and your email client, converting messages from web format into POP3 format that a program such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird can understand.

Google GMail Loader (GML)
Import your existing email into GMail!

The GMail Loader is a graphical, cross-platform, Python based utility that supports two mBox formats (Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Most Other Clients), MailDir (Qmail, others), MMDF (Mutt), MH (NMH), and Babyl (Emacs RMAIL).

Tim Commer's OSX Applescript
Makes using GML much easier on OSX.

This application was designed to include some of the original features of GML but include a GUI.  It only includes support for mBox files.

Lives in your system tray and alerts you to pending GMails.

Basically, for those of you that are not ashamed to admitting they use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, GTray, will open a browser window and log you directly into your specified Gmail account.

Lives on your Mac and alerts you to pending GMails.

GetMail For Hotmail v2.4
Hotmail and MSN to Gmail forwarding.


Makes mailto: links load a google mail compose window and adds a GMailCompose link to the context menu. Based on G-Mailto specs. (Firefox/Mozilla Suite/Netscape 7.x)

Trevor Harmon's mBox Cleaner
Fixes pesky mBox files created in Mozilla or Thunderbird, and good for double checking others as well. Included are both the source and the compiled version.


This application may be able to directly convert your Outlook PST files into mBox files GML can use. It's a command line utility, execute readpst.exe for instructions.

Can convert DBX files (from Microsoft Outlook Express) into mBox format.

GMail Notifier

For FireFox/Mozilla, adds an icon to your toolbar that keeps you updated on the number of GMails you have waiting.

Rewrites any mailto link on a web page so that it sends using your GMail account and not your local mail client.

G-Mailto for Mac
Same as above, but works on computers with pretty apples on them.

GMail Compose
Adds a context menu to Firefox that lets you right click a mailto link and compose a new GMail.

G-Mailto Bookmarklet
Launch a new GMail with a bookmark!

PST Reader
Can convert PST files (from Microsoft Outlook) into mBox format.

Auto-Forwards Hotmail messages to GMail.

Makes it possible to access your Yahoo! Mail using a POP3 client. Some have successfully used this application to download their Yahoo! Mail and then re-upload it with GML.

Using GMail For Backup
PHP script that can be used to backup files to Gmail and then quickly retrieve them back if and when you need them.